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  Today is George Harrison's birthday so I'm playing mucho Beatles albums. I have no idea why there haven't been any House bad fanfic MSTs for a very long time; I guess everybody who usually writes them is really busy right now. I'd write one myself but I'm not good enough at it yet. I'm definitely not as good at it as the people who already do it. I have been thinking that when I have the money to go out I'd like to use LJ as a forum to talk about some of my favorite restaurants, bars, etc. in the SF bay area where I live. I'd also like to post my mini reviews of new House episodes, if stupid Fox ever puts any on instead of 5 hours of American Diddle, erm, Idol. I told my friend Larry I wanted to see House shove his cane up Simon Cowell's butt but Larry said Simon would probably like that. he he

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