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I had a wonderful time yesterday with my friend, we had yummy spicy Chinese food for lunch, hot and sour soup, cumin lamb, noodles and this really yummy chicken, and it was such a beautiful warm day that we went to one of my favorite pubs and had drinks on the patio and just relaxed and had a nice long conversation. The new owner of the bldg. never showed up at my apartment at all so i don't know what's going on there but they are apparently going to do some major remodeling in the place. There's certainly room for improvement around here, the former owners didn't do a very good job IMHO. I just hope it's not going to be too much of a hassle, these things take a lot of time if you're going to do them right. I wonder if I'll have to go somewhere else, and what about all my stuff?
On other notes, my parents are going to be in town tonight and I'm supposed to have dinner with them at my sister's house. I don't know what time or where I'm supposed to meet them, my sister is supposed to call me about that. I also should do laundry today. my dirty clothes are starting to take over the place.

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