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Had an annoying dream last night that I lost some paperwork I needed for the interview to stay in the bldg. after the ownership change. It doesn't help that they didn't bother to tell us about the new rule that you have to write your apt. number on your rent check. I didn't so they started sending me notices that I hadn't paid my rent when I paid it LAST WEEK. I was pissed but the whole thing was cleared up fairly quickly.

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    I stood right there and told the mail woman the mailboxes had been unlocked and the stupid idiot left them unlocked again. I told the lady at the…

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    The mailboxes have been fixed. I went to my favorite cafe earlier today to get a piece of cake which I'm going to eat later with a pot of tea from my…

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    Had to go down to the office and complain because the damn mailboxes are unlocked again. Emptied out the dishwasher. Got rid of a mouse.

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