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the lovely petitecuriosity asked me the following questions:

1. What was/is your favorite school subject? English and sometimes art
2. What is your favorite episode of House? Three Stories (yes, i know that gets picked a lot) and also Merry Little Xmas just for the chemistry between House and dwarf mom. I actually wrote a fic pairing them up. yes, THAT way.
3. What is the story behind your screenname? I was going to be chocolate shake but somebody else on LJ already had that name. "Frappe" is an old New England word meaning milkshake and because I used to live in New England and I also used to work in an ice cream parlor (and I love desserts, especially chocolate) I thought it was appropriate.
4. What was your first favorite TV show? Probably the Beatles cartoon that used to be on Saturday mornings.
5. What is your first memory? Being yanked down the street by my mom with a zillion sirens going off because JFK had been shot down the street. I was a really little kid.
6. What in life do you find to be overrated? College, sports, religion, kids and Seinfeld.
7. What in life do you find to be underrated? Just being by myself with my own thoughts, listening to music I like and relaxing.
8. What's the craziest thing you've ever done? Ran away from home and lived in the woods for a few months when I was about 19.
9. What is the most ridiculous commercial you've ever seen? A commercial for some video game that involved a guy chaining his girlfriend to a chair and gagging her. i fail to see how this sells the video game. Sexist crap.
10. How many languages can you speak? Only English fluently. I know bits and pieces of a lot of other languages but not enough to have much of a conversation in.

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