chocolate_frapp (chocolate_frapp) wrote,

Food list, the Final Chapter

76. Pocky yes, again I like the chocolate ones.
77. Polenta yes
78. Prickly Pear no
79. Rabbit Stew yes, comes from having friends who hunt.
80. Raw Oysters yes, they may look freaky but I love them.
81. Root Beer Float no, not fond of root beer.
82. S’mores yes.
83. Sauerkraut yes
84. Sea Urchin yes, mostly in sushi but once right out of the shell, comes from knowing divers.
85. Shark yes, they eat us, why shouldn't we eat them?
86. Snail yes. If you put enough butter and garlic on anything it'll taste good.
87. Snake no. never had the opportunity. I saw one getting killed on the floor of a restaurant in China in a Michael Palin show and was rather grossed out. I would have probably just ordered the noodles.
88. Soft Shell Crab yes. I love them and they're hard to get ahold of in Calif.
89. Som Tam no
90. Spaetzle yes
91. Spam yes. ew. It reminds me of dog food.
92. Squirrel no. I accidentally ran over one with my car once though.
93. Steak Tartare yes
94. Sweet Potato Fries yes.
95. Sweetbreads yes. a lot of people are scared of organ meats but sweetbreads are actually quite yummy.
96. Tom Yum yes. Love Thai food.
97. Umeboshi no
98. Venison yes, again, comes of having friends who hunt. I even came up with a marinade for venison. It combines ingredients from a Chinese beef marinade and a Mongolian lamb marinade.
99. Wasabi Peas yes
100. Zucchini Flowers no, I've had zucchini lots of times but not the flowers, I've heard they're great fried, I'd like to try them.

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