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Chapter 3

House and Wilson pulled into the parking lot of Northwestern Memorial, parked the car and went to the ER.

"She probably doesn't want to have anything to do with me, not after what she said to me the last time she saw me, so if we see her, I'll make myself scarce and you can talk to her about whatever it is you want and just call me on my cell when you're done." House looked unusually nervous.

"You're sure about this?"


They saw an EMT guy walking in, a young Middle Eastern man whose nametag read Qabir. Wilson said quietly, "Excuse me, does Dr. Allison Cameron still work here?"

"Yes, she does. She's on shift this afternoon but she's probably on her coffee break right now." He looked at his watch. "I can show you guys where the coffee shop is."

House nudged Wilson with his cane. "I think I'll take this opportunity to check into a motel and find some way to keep myself entertained for a while. Call me when you're ready, okay?"

"You got it." Wilson followed Qabir to the coffee shop.

A couple of hours later, House's phone rang.

"House, Cameron's not mad at you or anything, and she wants us to come over to her place for dinner. She said something about how she thinks she judged you too harshly and she really would like to see you." Wilson sounded very taken aback. "I think we should take her up on her offer."

House had no trouble at all finding Cameron's place by googling it and when he rang the doorbell thinking, "God, this is gonna be awkward," he was surprised to see that Cameron actually looked delighted to see him, even hugging him as if he were her best friend. He couldn't help himself, he started hugging her back automatically because it felt good.

The dinner conversation mostly consisted of small talk and Cameron catching them up on what had been going on in her life and it was all fairly relaxing until Wilson excused himself to go to the bathroom and the smile dropped from Cameron's face like a mask.

"I know you're not likely to listen to my advice, House," she said, her voice lower than usual, "but I've got something to say that you'd better listen to."

"What?" House was irritated. "I should have known you'd give me some lecture."

"This isn't a lecture, it's a warning. Tell Wilson you love him. If you don't do it while he's still alive you'll regret it for the rest of your life, and don't even think of denying it to me. I know you love him. The fact that you're doing this for him, that you took care of him through the chemo, everything proves you love him. You wouldn't do this for Stacey or anybody else but Wilson. Do NOT let him die without telling him you love him. That's all I'm gonna say about this."

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