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day 24-the one awesome movie idea that hasn't been done yet.

I wish I could take credit for this, karaokegal thought it up.

We start with a close-up of blue, blue eyes, and the title song playing. Pull back to a shot of Hugh Laurie’s face, and then further back so we see he’s driving a car along the Pacific coast and a music is coming from a car radio. Further pull back and we see it’s a 1966 T-bird, being driven very quickly. Hugh peers into his rear-view where we see another car pulling into view. Hugh grits his teeth and accelerates.

As he goes off in the distance, we go to the chasing car, being driven by Geoffrey Rush, with Parker Posey riding shot gun-literally. Close-up of gun in her lap, gloves on her hands and a serene look on her face.

Credits and then we flash back to Swinging London/Carnaby Street/Psychelics/Jimi Hendrix in the back-ground. Hugh is Nicholas “Nicky” Stanley, owner of a record store in Picadilly. He’s always trying to turn the kids on to classic jazz and blues, but his partner, an American named Sebastian (Nathan Fillion) just shakes his head. He knows where the money is and he tells Nicky to stick to selling the kids what they want.

It turns out he’s also dealing drugs and shagging girls in the record booth. (We see Nicky trying not to notice, while a steamy scene is going on.)

An older man-typical movie cockney gangster type and his moll (Geoffrey Rush and Parker Posey) come in for their protection money. At first we think Nicky is in danger, but it turns that Sal (Geoffrey Rush) is a big blues fan. He’s pulls out a harmonica and he and Nicky do a blues jam. Meanwhile Lily (Parker Posey) wanders around looking bored until she notices what’s going on in the record booth. Then she pulls a gun and shoots Sebastian and the girl. Blood and glass and broken records everywhere. Sal goes off on Lily and they have a screaming fight among the carnage. By the time they realize there’s been a witness, Nicky is gone.

Now the action moves to California, where we find Nicky working in a blues combo at a dive in Venice beach, basically living the good life, smoking pot and being happy. (He still has the money from the till that was supposed to be the protection payoff.)

Detectives Elliot and Williams (Gary Sinese and Samuel L. Jackson) show up one night. They dig the blues, but they’re looking for Nicky for Sebastian’s murder and the drug operation .

Nicky goes on the run and runs into Lily, who claims she’s left Sal, and she’s scared. She does one of those psycho seductions where she’s half begging Nicky to protect her while still framing him for the murder. They have psychedelic beach sex, but the next morning Sal shows up and Nicky only escapes because Detectives Elliot and Williams show up.

He gets away again, but the cops sell him out and we end up back to the original chase scene an the Lovin’ Spooful, Nicky singing along…he leads Sal and Lily to a ravine…faster, faster, faster, then does a speedy cut away at the last minute and the go over cliff, classic Hollywood fireball. The music changes to a slow blues. Through the flame shimmer we see Lily getting out of the car before the final kaboom.

She crawls toward Nicky, pleading look on her smudged face. Close-up on Nicky, blue eyes, then smile, then pan down to gun being held behind his back.

Fade out, on “static sound” of a record skipping over the last phrase…”I’m just sitting round sitting here loving you” over and over.


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