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Great weekend with several of my friends, I had so much fun! I'm pretty damn worn out now but it was worth it!
It's mini review time! Sparky's Diner, 242 Church St., SF. One of the relatively few places in SF that is open 24 hours a day, they unfortunately took some of the things I really liked off the menu but they still have great breakfasts and burgers and other basic dinery food. the atmosphere of the place is pretty funky (in the best sense of the word).
Anchor Oyster Bar 579 Castro St. SF, Super fresh seafood, really well prepared, not cheap but worth it. I love raw oysters and they're really done right here, the steamed clams are also good, so is the chowder and keep an eye open for the daily specials, last time that i was there I had an Italian seafood stew that was fantastic. One of the cleanest kitchens I've ever seen in my life. The staff and other customers are all very friendly.

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    Got some more Monty Python DVD stuff in the mail from Netflix this morning, I'm really looking forward to watching it later!

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    Getting ready to watch another live Rifftrax in about an hour!

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    Tried a caipirinha for the first time today, it was super yummy!

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