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See if you can guess the fandoms from these weird descriptions (sort of inspired by the Paint The Hero Black section of TV tropes)

1. An unintelligent, lazy aristocrat and his sneaky, manipulative servant (who has a bizarre obsession with men's clothing) break up couples and create chaos everywhere they go.

2. He speaks very bad English, goes berserk every time he eats a certain food and seems to have joined the navy as an excuse to beat people up, his favorite activity. He has an anorexic girlfriend who's even crazier than he is and is always getting into trouble, and who seems to have had his baby out of wedlock. She is often sexually harassed by a guy twice his size who is even more violent than he is and his only other friend is a food thief who is so useless that his name actually means "useless".

3. A young female who seems to have Asperger's goes on weird, surreal adventures with her friends, a completely manic sugar junkie, a narcissistic fashion designer, an egotistical athlete, a workaholic farmer and an animal rights activist with severe social anxiety disorder. They are occasionally helped by a political leader claiming to have divine powers and a reclusive African sorceress.

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