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here's a meme i got from my sweet friend hughville:

Mozart - i love classical music in general although I'm pretty ignorant about it.
Beethoven -
Bach -
Chopin -
Handel -
Haydn -
Tchaikovsky -

Frank Sinatra - Not a fan of his.
B. B. King - Love him. Love blues in general.
Ray Charles - he's awesome.
Stevie Ray Vaughn - talented guitarist
Louis Armstrong - not a fan of his.
Marvin Gaye - great voice, fucked up guy from what I've heard about him.
Etta James - great voice
Duke Ellington - not a fan of his.

Johnny Cash - I love his music, including the weird covers. I don't like country but i think he constitutes his own damn music category.
Dolly Parton -she seems like a nice person who doesn't take herself too seriously but i don't dig country.
Loretta Lynn - not a fan of hers.
Willie Nelson - the one country guy I like would be the guy who wears braids and smokes weed.
Garth Brooks - no
Dixie Chicks - I like "Goodbye, Earl" enough to do it at karaoke as a fuck you to my mean abusive ex.

Elvis - I like him but i don't have orgasms over him like some people do.
Buddy Holly - not bad.
Bob Marley - I like some of his songs.
The Beach Boys - Boring and insipid. their songs all sound like TV commercials to me.
Bob Dylan - One of the best songwriters ever. Couldn't sing his way out of a paper bag.
The Beatles - the closest i get to a religion.

Jimi Hendrix - He was awesome and i consider him one of the fathers of metal (along with Led Zeppelin)
The Rolling Stones - LOVE them.
The Doors - I like some of their songs but Jim Morison scares the piss out of me, if he was still alive and I saw him I'd run like hell.
Led Zeppelin - I like them a lot, oddly enough the only song of theirs i really dislike is their most popular one, Stairway to Heaven.
Pink Floyd - I like some of their songs a lot.
The Who - Great musicians, highly squicked out by Pete looking at kiddie porn. Even IF he was telling the truth and he didn't actually touch any kids, just looking is still gross.

Aretha Franklin - great voice, dubious taste in hats.
Diana Ross - I prefer her Supremes stuff.
Stevie Wonder - he's great except for that plant album, that was rubbish.
Whitney Houston - I can't stand her music. She's like a black female Barry Manilow.

Iron Maiden - there's other metal bands I like better.
KISS - they had some good songs. too bad they're homophobic jerks.
AC/DC - they had some good songs
Guns 'n' Roses - Slash is a great guitarist but otherwise meh.
Van Halen - I like some of their songs.
Queen - i love them! Freddie was essentially the gay Elvis, he had an amazing voice and their music was really fun! They knew how to put on a great live show too.

Prince - I like a lot of his songs.
Bruce Springsteen - His 70s stuff was good, he got boring in the 80s.
Duran Duran - I like "Is There Something I Should Know" but that's about it.
Michael Jackson - Very talented but a complete looney.
Santana - I like them.
U2 - ugh. Bono needs very badly to be smacked and told he's not John Lennon.
Nirvana - double ugh, i couldn't even stand grunge when it was popular.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Blood Sugar Sex Magic, it's their best album. Like some of their other stuff.

Elton John - Love some of his songs, can't stand some others.
Fleetwood Mac - Love some of their stuff. especially their 70s stuff.
Eric Clapton - I like some of his earlier stuff.
Simon and Garfunkel - my parents had a ton of their old albums so hearing them always gives me childhood flashbacks.
Barbra Streisand - not a fan of her singing, she's not a bad actress though.
Lionel Richie - boring.

R. Kelly - I don't like rap in general.
2pac -
Lauryn Hill -
Jay-Z -
Kanye West -
Eminem -
50 Cent -

The White Stripes - I love Seven Nation Army but that's about the only song of their I've even heard more than once.
Lady Gaga - Manages to make Madonna look tasteful. also she can't sing for shit.
Beyonce - eh.
Britney Spears - anyone who thinks Japan is in Africa is too stupid to go out alone in public, let alone breed. she can't sing either.
Mariah Carey - boring
John Mayer - who?
Coldplay - boring
Green Day - god no. I'd rather listen to real punk bands like the Ramones or the Pistols than these turds.

Grouped by time period.

Citizen Kane - a classic.
Gone With The Wind - has not aged well politically and none of the characters is likeable enough for me to care what happens to any of them.
The Wizard of Oz - one of the very few movies that actually appeals to both kids and adults. try to see it at least once on a big screen if you can.
Casablanca - my favorite romantic movie.
Singing in the Rain - This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Jean Hagan was so damn funny and Donald O'Connor was a hell of a dancer. (used hughville's answer because i agree with it completely)
The Ten Commandments - I don't like bible movies other than Life Of Brian and I never did like Charlton Heston.
A Streetcar Named Desire - never saw it.
Rear Window - Classic Hitchcock, then again I like almost all Hitchcock.
The Big Sleep - Haven't seen it.

The Sound of Music - ugh. get the insulin.
To Kill a Mockingbird - never seen it.
Psycho - one of my favorite horror movies
2001: A Space Odyssey - interesting but slow moving in parts and REALLY confusing. some aspects of it have NOT aged well.
Dr. Strangelove - my favorite political movie
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - never seen it
Rosemary's Baby - another one of my favorite horror movies
My Fair Lady - great music but i am not a fan of Audrey Hepburn.

Willy Wonka - I love Gene Wilder in this but i wish it had been more loyal to the book. Also that damn Oompa Loompa song gets on my last fucking nerve.
Star Wars (Original Trilogy) - Liked it when i was a kid, don't care for it at all now.
The Godfather - only seen a few little bits of it.
Apocalypse Now - freaky.
Jaws - Too much like an old school style monster movie for my tastes.
A Clockwork Orange - only seen parts of it. it freaked me out too much to watch it all the way through.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Would have liked to learn more about the aliens and Richard Dreyfuss was just plain irritating.
Alien - ewwwwwwwwww
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - the best movie by one of the best comedy teams ever.
The Exorcist - only saw parts of it. It grossed me out too much.
Rocky - Liked it when it was new and I was a kid.
Grease - I love most of the songs but it's too cheesy otherwise. the play was better.

The Shining - good and creepy but the ending made no fucking sense to me.
E.T. - never seen this. I used to work with a woman who was OBSESSED with this movie.
Raiders of the Lost Ark - Liked the first one. Hated the second one though.
Terminator - Eh.
Back to the Future - can't stand Michael J. Fox, and who wants to watch their parents fall in love?
Die Hard - never saw it
Blade Runner - massively overrated.
The Thing - liked the 50s one, thought the remake was a bit too gory.
Ghostbusters - amusing.
The Princess Bride - cute.
Nightmare on Elm Street - never saw it.
Dead Poets Society - i have very mixed feeling about this movie but it's fun to watch a young RSL.
The Breakfast Club - never saw it.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - I thought he was a spoiled brat and couldn't figure out why the audience was supposed to like him. Did I miss a point here?

Silence of the Lambs - never saw it, think it might freak me out too much.
Forrest Gump - Liked it a lot.
The Shawshank Redemption - never saw it.
The Usual Suspects I have to be in the right mood to watch this.
Pulp Fiction - I love it.
The Matrix - boring
Fight Club - never saw it.
Toy Story - one of the VERY few kids movies I actually like.
The Lion King - I can't stand most kids' movies.
The Big Lebowski - never saw it. I must be the only film geek on the planet who hasn't.
Groundhog Day - I liked most of it but Andie McDowell's "everyone wants children" speech made me want to slap her.
Titanic - ughh. I walked out of this in the theater, something I almost NEVER do.
The Blair Witch Project - I liked it, it broke a lot of movie rules.
Jurassic Park - cheesy. also Jeff Goldblum makes me ill. the Rifftrax version was extremely funny though.
October Sky - never saw it
Remember the Titans - never saw it
Pretty Woman - not a fan of Julia Roberts or Bizarro world hookers

Lord of the Rings (trilogy) - Loved it
Inception - I don't like Leo Decaprio and the movie was really pretentious. again, it was funny with Rifftrax.
Memento - never saw it. i tend to not be able to handle movies where anyone gets raped.
The Dark Knight - Heath's Joker was AMAZING. Christian Bale's Lung Cancer Batman sucked balls though.
Gladiator - never saw it.
Harry Potter (any or all of them) - the first couple were too cutesy, i would not have been able to watch them without Rifftrax. The last couple were darker and more adult fantasy and Lord of the Rings like and i actually liked them (a friend took me to see them)
V for Vendetta - didn't see it, I'm thoroughly burned out on dystopia movies
The Watchmen - didn't see it
A Beautiful Mind - didn't see it
Requiem for a Dream - didn't see it
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Double nope. Can't stand Jim Carrey.
Kill Bill (both parts) - LOVE IT
Avatar - I have no interest whatsoever in seeing it and James Cameron is a dick.

Separated into classics, popular, and children's lit.

Little Women - never read it.
Jane Austen (any) - i read Pride and Prejudice when i think I was too young to appreciate it.
Lord of the Rings - i liked the books but I liked the movies better.
Wuthering Heights - never read it.
The Scarlet Letter - never read it.
Sherlock Holmes (any) - i own all of them and I've loved Holmes since i was a kid.
Charles Dickens (any) - i love Christmas carol. I think his other books have good plots but are long winded and depressing.
Frankenstein - Excellent book. Very different from the movie in some ways, especially in that the monster is very articulate.
The Old Man and the Sea - I never liked Hemingway much.
Mark Twain (any) - He's great. Some of his social satire is amazing.
War and Peace -never read it.
Treasure Island - never read it
Uncle Tom's Cabin - never read it
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - only saw movie versions
Catch-22 - it starts out really funny but gets more and more depressing as the characters keep getting killed off.
Atlas Shrugged - never read it
Jane Eyre - never read it, saw part of the movie.
Wheel of Time (series) - Never heard of this.
1984 - interesting
Animal Farm - better than 1984
Brave New World - read this a long time ago. weird.
The Great Gatsby - I like it
To Kill a Mockingbird - never read it
Catcher in the Rye - i like Holden but can understand why he gets on a lot of people's nerves.
The Handmaid's Tale - never read it
The Grapes of Wrath - never read it, saw the movie a loooooooooong time ago.
And Then There Were None - Classic Agatha.
Shakespeare - Would rather see his plays than read them. I've seen lots of them, some done brilliantly and some done really badly.

Harry Potter - there's an elitism about them i find very off-putting, although a lot of my friends LOVE these books
The da Vinci Code - it sounds like utter nonsense
Twilight - I actually read some of this out of sheer curiousity. It managed to be even worse than people make it out to be.
The Hunger Games - no
Fifty Shades of Gray - what little I've heard about it it doesn't sound like my kind of thing.
A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) - no
The Help - probably not
The Shack - Never heard of it.
Kite Runner - my mom is always trying to push novels on me and i usually wind up not liking them. This was one of them, I never even read it because of past experience.
The Time Traveler's Wife - no
Nicholas Sparks (any) - I don't know who he is.

Charlotte's Web - loved this book as a kid. to this day i will NOT kill spiders.
Lord of the Flies - never read it. i went to school with enough violent psycho boys and I wasn't on any desert island!
Peter Pan - never read it but have seen many, many versions of it.
A Little Princess - nope
The Giver - never heard of it
The Hobbit - Love it
Winnie the Pooh (any) - Loved it since i was a kid. the Disney version does not do it justice.
Wizard of Oz - yes. good but very different from the movie.
Where the Wild Things Are - love it
Bridge to Terabithia - never read it
Roald Dahl (any) - Love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Wish the movies would stop throwing in irrelevant bullshit that was not in the books.
A Wrinkle in Time - Liked it a lot, was disappointed with the sequels.
Black Beauty - never read it.
The Secret Garden - never read it
Anne of Green Gables - never read it
Little House on the Prairie (series) - never read it. saw the tv show, not really my style.
Chronicles of Narnia (series) Loved it except for the last battle.
The Golden Compass - never read it.

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