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Independence Eve

(the following fic takes place in the time between Chapter 8 and Chapter 10 of "I Want To Ride It All Night Long")

Allison Cameron was on her way to work on July the third. It was her birthday, and maybe she'd have a coffee with those nice EMT guys, Tim and Qabir, after they went off shift, if they weren't too tired, but you can't just skip work because it's your birthday if you're a doctor, especially if you work in the ER.

It was hot out of course but not too hot for her to enjoy a nice leisurely walk from her apartment to Northwestern Memorial. She admitted to herself that she loved Chicago. It was such a vital, alive city, and she'd already made a lot of friends.

She decided to grab a quick bite of lunch on the way to work and went to her usual hot dog stand. "Hi, Bill!"

"Hi, Dr. Allison! One of the usual, with cheese, chili and onions?"

She saw a homeless man sitting outside. "Make it two, okay? And an order of fries."

On the way out, she handed the fries and one of the chili dogs to the homeless guy, who looked appreciative and ate them rather quickly, then took an old, beat up guitar out of his backpack and started playing a blues song she couldn't identify, but hearing the music made her think of House.

She sighed deeply and kept walking. She hadn't heard from him or Wilson since they had shown up two months ago and she had been so shocked to hear that Wilson had cancer. She wondered if he was all right or had the cancer gotten worse. She also couldn't help wondering if House had taken her advice.

She was pulled up short when she started to go into her office and saw a huge bouquet of flowers on her desk. "How nice", she thought. "Who could have done this?" She picked up the card.

It read:

I told him I love him.

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