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Just finished a plate of spaghetti cooked by roomie. We have to dig around to find everything now because we FINALLY moved into the new apt. they put us in temporarily and thank Darwin it's only temporary because the new apt. is about half the size of the old one so everything's very cluttered. The kitchen is teeny. especially the fridge. Our usual routine is to buy a lot of groceries at the beginning of the month, I just hope we can fit everything in there so food doesn't spoil or anything. Also it's too cramped to have people over so when i get together w/ friends I will have to go out or go to their place. At least we got everything done in time but we are both exhausted. i didn't even bother getting dressed or taking a shower because it hurts too much when i stand up.
On to nicer subjects:
Night before last I did my volunteer work at the Oakland east bat gay men's chorus concert, mostly tending bar. The concert was so fun! they did lots of terrific songs, and one of my best friends was even Frank N. Furter (he sang "Sweet Transvestite") and he brought down the house!
The rap party yesterday was amazing! It was held at the house of the same guys in the chorus who had it last year, they have a gorgeous swimming pool and a hot tub w/ a built in sound system and they hired masseurs and we drank and ate wonderful food and had great, fun conversations and lots of laughs. I asked one of the hosts if he and his boyfriend would adopt me. (hehe) it may be a stereotype but it's an accurate one, gay guys KNOW how to party.

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