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Had fun last night at a 75th anniversary party commemorating the publication of the Hobbit at a bookstore one town over (in Alameda). It was largely presided over by a guy who worked at the bookstore who looked a lot like Obama, honestly, when he gave me cake and I said "thank you" I had to try SO HARD not to say "Mr. President". One lady who worked there teased me for wearing shoes, my reply to this was "they wouldn't let me on the bus without them", and there were a few readings, one guy who worked at the bookstore did an amazing reading of the sequence where Bilbo and Gollum ask eachother riddles. I had some interesting and fun conversations with some of the other people there. At one point when Obama-looking guy was getting ready to light the candles on the cake he asked if anyone had a lighter and matches and nobody did and I muttered under my breath, "It's a hobbit party and there's no stoners here?" much to the amusement of an old hippie sitting next to me.

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