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Basically list out your 10 favourite musicians and then answer the following questions (no peeking!)

1. The Beatles
2. David Bowie
3. any blues artist
4. the Rolling Stones
5. Jimi Hendrix
6. the Dandy Warhols
7. !Tang
8. Frank Zappa
9. John Lennon (as a solo artist as opposed to his work with the Beatles)
10. Led Zeppelin

What’s the first song you ever heard by #6?
The Last High originally on their album Welcome to the Monkey House

What’s your favorite song by #8?
depends on my mood. right now it's Let's Make The Water Turn Black
What are your favorite lyrics by #5?
but first are you, uhh, experienced?

What song by #2 makes you the happiest?
either Queen Bitch, Watch That Man or Suffragette City

When did you first get into #2?
god, I was really young.

How did you get into #2?
I just remember hearing him on the radio, I think.

What is your favorite song by #4?
too many good ones to pick just one

Have you seen #9 live? How many times?
I fucking wish.

Favorite album by #7?
I think they only did one album.

What’s your favorite song by #1?
again, too many good ones to pick one

How did you become a fan of #10?
hearing their albums when I was a kid.

How long have you known #9?
I've practically known who he was since I was a fetus.
Top 5 by #5.
Are You Experienced?
Voodoo Chile
All Along The Watchtower
Red House
The Wind Cries Mary
Have you ever seen #10 live?

Have you ever met #4?
no, I'd probably pass out or do something else idiotic

What’s your favorite album by #1?
Sgt. Pepper

Favorite lyric by #7?
the Bugs Bunny rap in the middle of Nervous

What’s #2’s best song?
again, either Queen Bitch, Watch That Man or Suffragette City

How many times have you seen #2 live?
I wish!

Which one of these have you known the longest?
the Beatles

Favorite song by #9?
Instant Karma

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    J cancelled on me.

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    Been watching lots of Father Ted, that show is so funny! FECK!

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    It was locked again and then it was unlocked again. My mail wasn't missing so I think the mail people are just fuckups.

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