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Got hassled yesterday. Some little kid knocked on my door and when I answered it he mumbled incoherently but I knew what he wanted because he was holding a mostly full box of those big, overpriced candy bars with the white wrappers they make kids sell for school. I told him no and also told him there was a rule in this building prohibiting door to door sales and this woman (who I guess was his mother) who was hiding around the corner so I couldn't see her at the door at first comes out and is all pissed off at me for not buying any candy and she said it's for the school (like I can't figure that out) and I go that's got nothing to do with it, there's a rule in this building against solicitation. then she tells me everyone else in the building bought candy from this kid which frankly I think is bullshit so I just closed the door. it's pretty damn hard for me to be at all sympathetic when people hide and lie and act like bullies. Also, how do I know what the school is going to use that money for? If it's actually educational, fine. if it's stupid shit like cheerleaders' uniforms, the hell with it.

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