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Didn't get enough sleep last night plus I accidentally ripped the shit out of my nightshirt. It's really old, I have to toss it. Also, my parents are demanding to inspect my refurbished apartment when they come on Xmas. I think this is largely an excuse for them to give me another lecture because nothing is ever neat and clean enough for them. my mom actually picks up couch cushions and looks under them to see if it's messy.

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    Had to go down to the office and complain because the damn mailboxes are unlocked again. Emptied out the dishwasher. Got rid of a mouse.

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    Nothing much going on here today, looking forward to a live online Rifftrax tomorrow!

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    My leg hurts like hell right now because the damn bus stop did not have a bench but other than that I had a wonderful day with J, we have such great…

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