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Had a terrific time last night at the atheists' holiday party, saw some old friends and made some new ones. I am so jealous of asexual people (one of the new friends I made last night happened to fall under that category). It must be nice not having to go through life longing for something you can't have.

here's Part 1 of a new fic for my sweet friend hughville for Xmas:

In My Life

It was a snowy Monday night in mid-December in Chicago and Alison Cameron had just settled down in her living room with her two best friends from Northwestern Memorial, Qabir and Patrick, when an insistent rapping sounded on her door.

She walked down to the other end of the hallway, looked out the peekhole in the door and turned pale and her knees felt like Jello for a second. With a mixture of shock, relief and anger she yanked the door open to see House.

"What the hell?! I thought you died in that fire!"

"MUAHAHAHAHAHA!" House gave a mad scientist laugh.

"Half of me wants to hug you and the other half wants to kick you right in the balls right now, I hope you realize that! What are you doing here?"

"I got bored. I thought I'd come scare you--I mean see you!" House grinned.

"How's Wilson? Did his cancer get worse or is he OK?"

"He's a lot better than OK, he went into complete remission and he went back to work a couple of months ago, thanks to the care of a brilliant and ruggedly handsome doctor. We're living together in San Francisco now."

"That's such great news! Hey, why isn't he with you?"

"He's visiting his parents for the holidays and Peter and Helen Wilson aren't too crazy about me, so I didn't join them. It's not just a personality clash, they're none too keen on the fact that their little Jimmy likes boys as well as girls so I decided to make myself scarce for a while, and like I said, I got bored."

"Only you would travel 2000 miles because you got bored."

Patrick yelled down the hall, "Hey, Alison, who is it?"

"An old friend I wasn't expecting, you guys go ahead and start without me!"

"Wild orgy?" House bugged his eyes.

Cameron rolled her eyes but couldn't help laughing. "No, two guys I work with have a usual Monday night routine after a tough shift in the ER, we play video games and get Mexican takeout and ice cream."

"Mind if I join you?"

"Only on the condition that you don't make any of your usual nasty un-PC cracks to Qabir, he's really upset because some ignorant bigot relative of a patient called him a terrorist in the ambulance. That was a few hours ago but I can tell it's still bothering him, he didn't even do any of his Borat imitations."

House gave a mock doggie eyes look. "I'll be good. Hey, where's your husband and kid?"

"If you're referring to those people I was sitting with at your faked funeral, his name is Stephen Henthorne and I was never married to him, we only dated for a while, and that was his baby, not mine. His wife died in childbirth."

"You've gotta stop picking boyfriends based on feeling sorry for them."

"Dating him was definitely a mistake, it turned out he didn't want me, he wanted a mother."

House took off his coat, hat and gloves and Cameron put them in the closet and they both started to walk down to the other end of the hall, and it felt strangely natural for them to put an arm around eachother. Observant as usual, House spotted a framed photo on the wall of Chase smiling, standing next to a young, pretty and very friendly-looking blonde. "You still in contact with Roo Boy, huh?"

"He's doing pretty well for himself, apparently he's the youngest head of the ICU Melbourne Royal's ever had. That's his cousin Suzanna in the picture with him, she just got into med school."

House recognized some guitar chords emanating from the living room door at the end of the hall. "How come I hear the Beatles?"

"'Cause we're playing Rock Band, but I thought real musicians don't play Rock Band!" Cameron gave House a slight teasing look.

"Musicians who like video games do." House smiled, one of his rare sweet smiles without a trace of sarcasm. "Anyway everybody knows you can't be the Beatles with only three people."


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    Got some more Monty Python DVD stuff in the mail from Netflix this morning, I'm really looking forward to watching it later!

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    Getting ready to watch another live Rifftrax in about an hour!

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    Tried a caipirinha for the first time today, it was super yummy!

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