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In My Life
Part 2

(rated NC-17)

Several hours later, Qabir and Patrick had gone home and House and Cameron were in her bedroom looking out the large picture window at the snow falling on Chicago when he leaned over and impulsively kissed her on the lips.

"That wasn't just a friendly kiss, that was a 'let's have sex' kiss," Cameron said, with very mixed emotions. "What about Wilson?"

"I love Wilson but we have an understanding. With the exception of very few, most humans are really bad at fidelity, and we bisexual men particularly suck at it, so we agreed that we would sleep with other women, just not other men. If you don't believe me you can call him up and ask him." He pulled his cell phone out of his jeans pocket. "With any luck, the call will come in when he and his parents are in temple." He grinned wickedly.

Cameron hesitated for a second or two and then lunged at House, giving him a big wet kiss while backing him onto the bed. Just before they both hit the mattress he pulled the cord and closed the curtains.

"Whoa, you little temptress," House moaned, and Cameron gave him another deep French kiss. His tongue responded to hers, squirming sensually as he rucked up his t shirt and their mouths parted briefly in order for him to take it off over his head and then unbutton her shirt. She was wearing a leopard print bra and House waggled his eyebrows when he saw it. "You dirty girl," he teased affectionately and began to nuzzle her with his whiskers and kiss her shoulders, neck and between her breasts.

She took off her bra and he began to kiss one of her breasts while gently stroking the other one, murmuring, "God, you're beautiful."

"Thank you," she whispered and started pulling off her pants. Soon enough they were both naked and exploring eachothers' bodies, cooing and groaning in bliss. They wound up making love very late into the night.


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