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Interesting past couple of days. I have been spending some of my Xmas $$$, took roomie to Burgermeister's for lunch and then we saw the Hobbit, which was awesome, and the we went to Edinburgh Castle for drinks and fish and chips and had interesting conversations with Alan the cool bartender and i bought roomie a video game he'd wanted, all this was yesterday. Today i went to Green Apple which is my favorite bookstore, normally when I go there it's like a whole bunch of books say to me, "Katie, buy me, please," but this time that didn't happen, I only bought the new Stephen Colbert book there. I'm debating whether to go to Booksmith's or Moe's tomorrow. Also went to Pizza Orgasmica for dinner, they have a new deal on Thursday, all you can eat slices for cheaper than a small pizza usually is there so you know I went for it. Good pizza too. The Caesar salad was meh though. No anchovies. had a nummy milkshake at Toy Boat for dessert.

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