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Had a lot of fun last night once I could get the hell out of my apt. I am so damn relieved they did not pick me. And now my apt. is nice and clean too! I went over and hung out in North beach because there are a lot of cool bars there and Friday night is usually a party atmosphere. I scarfed some sesame chicken and fried rice at Chef Gia's and then went to this one bar i really like, but it was kind of frustrating because i couldn't get a conversation going with anyone. Sometimes if I'm at a bar or club and I don't know anybody there I can still get a good conversation going but sometimes I can't and this time I couldn't, so I had one drink and said screw this, I'm going somewhere else. I went to another place I like a lot and hadn't been to in a long time and had a lot more fun, it wasn't very crowded for some odd reason and the bartenders and the bouncer were super friendly (i think they were bored because there were so few customers) and I had some really interesting conversations with them and a couple of customers. I know this is going to sound cheesy and overly fangirlish but I tried Macallan's just because Hugh likes it. Hugh has good taste, it was the best whiskey I ever had. It wasn't exactly cheap so I just had a small shot though. the only suckful thing about the evening was on my way back home from the bar these two teenie bopper bitches started doing that thing where they take pics of you with their fucking cell phones so they can laugh at the way you look. I told them to quit it and one of them lied and said she hadn't taken my pic even though I could see the display quite clearly, my pic was right there. I yelled at them. They reminded me of these bitches I went to school with.

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