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I finally got paid part of my money (I get the rest day after tomorrow) so I'm a good deal more relaxed. Tons of food in the kitchen now. The woman at the pharmacy yesterday is absolutely insane. I went in to order my scrip and the computer screwed up and said I was supposed to get some other med. It wasn't a name I recognized so I asked her what it was and first she refused to tell me, then she wrote it down instead of saying it out loud. She wrote down another name I did not recognize so I asked her what sort of meds they were and first she pointed to her stomach and then whispered "cycle". I go "what, birth control pills?" and she went apeshit. They're supposed to call me when my meds that I'm on are ready.
 After a month they put a House episode on and it's a rerun from two years ago. And why haven't there been any new entries in House MST for almost a month? Did everybody but me lose interest? I'd do one myself but I can't write MSTs anywhere near that well. Oh well. Mini review for "Who's Your Daddy?":
   Liked most of this episode but i do have a couple of quibbles. That guy being House's friend makes zero sense, he's much too naive and a bit of a dork for a guy who is supposed to know a lot about blues musicians. It would not only make more sense but be more dramatic and funny if he were a bigger cynic than House, or at least as much of a smartass. (Even Wilson had a hard time believing it.) The "pain induction" scene is really hard to watch, ESPECIALLY the House zombie like corrosion hallucination. I knew it was coming and I should have looked the other way but I didn't and almost puked my spaghetti. It's weird because I recently rented "Pink Flamingos" and I just laughed at the notorious Divine eats dog doo sequence, but my friend couldn't stand watching that. He likes David Lynch, though, and I find his movies really hard to take. I can't sit all the way through Eraserhead. It probably says something about people's personalities, what they can and can't deal with regarding grossness. (i can totally see House liking both Pink Flamingos and Eraserhead.) Speaking of things House likes, I could have done without seeing Cuddy's butt. Equal cake opportunity, TV guys, I wanna see some male butt, particularly House's.

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