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Had a wonderful lunch yesterday with a friend, feeling more than a little knocked out by a cold I have right now, especially since I have plans tomorrow and Saturday that I have no intention of cancelling, if I get as much rest as I can today and Friday I should be all right.

time for my annual listing of past fanfic: In My Life. Post-final season reunion of House and Cameron. Written as a Xmas present to my sweet friend Hughville. In My Life, Chapter 2. In My Life, Chapter 3. I Little Porny, Fucking Is Magic. House and Wilson having naughty fun in an amusement park, guess which cartoon gets referenced? NC-17. Like you couldn't tell that from the title. Independence Eve. Sort of a sequel to I Want To Ride It All Night Long, from Cameron's POV. Takes place between Chapters 8 and 10 of I Want To Ride It All Night Long. Written as a birthday present to Hughville. :) I Want To Ride It All Night Long. The way "Post Mortem"/"Everybody Dies" should have gone. Chapter 1. House and Wilson say goodbye to Chase. Chapter 2. Wilson's fast ride. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. (missing) Chapter 7. Chapter 8. NC-17. Chapter 9. Chapter 10. Insomnia. Stream of consciousness (among other things) from Wilson's POV, already established couple relationship w/ House. Written slightly too early for MMOM. Another chapter of Enter, Backstage. Self-indulgent stuff about me getting to be Hugh's girlfriend.

I only wish this list could be longer.

and here's a link to the first year's worth of my fics:

and here's a link to the second:

and here's a link to the third:

and the fourth:

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