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Chapter 1
Wilson was pissed.

He walked into his office muttering curses under his breath, dumped his papers onto his desk, not caring that half of them fell on the floor, and whipped off his coat, sat down at his desk and paused for a second. Then he locked the door. He knew House wasn't going to interrupt him but he didn't feel like talking to anybody else at the moment. He turned on his voicemail and then his computer, then he did a search for "Richard Walpole", hoping to find something fraudulent.

No, apparently he really was a successful doctor, graduated with honors from Cambridge Medical School, had spent his third year on an exchange program to Johns Hopkins in 1982, which would have been House's first year at Hopkins, that must have been when they met.

Wilson sighed. He never thought he'd miss the House who was always interrupting him and pranking him or bugging him about one thing or another but now he realized that was vastly preferable to the House who hung onto this Walpole guy's every word and followed him around like a puppy and laughed his ass off every time Walpole insulted people ("vacuous extravagantly-eyebrowed little nit"? what the hell?) which was frequently.

And didn't pay any attention to Wilson.

(a/n If this were an episode of the show, let's just say the actor playing Richard Walpole has a name rhyming with "even lie".)

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