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Chapter 3

Wilson was still a little shaky. He had gunned his motor to get away from seeing House and Walpole getting into House's car with takeout from George's and had just barely avoided hitting a damn tree. The whole incident had scared the shit out of him.

"I'm getting way too obsessive about this," he thought. "I'd better do something to get my mind off House and Walpole and all this craziness before I do some real damage."

He decided that when he got back to PPTH the next morning he'd ask someone on a date and he had a fairly good idea of who he had in mind. Dr. Jane Olasz. He didn't know her at all well, she had just started out at the hospital as the new ear doctor, but he knew she was extremely good-looking and not married. The thought flashed in his mind, "Maybe she'll even make House jealous," but he suppressed it.

He turned on all the Wilson charm and she not only was happy to go out with him, but she invited him to be her date at a party she was going to on Saturday. He was delighted.

Unfortunately, his not knowing her at all well was what backfired on him. She may have been beautiful but she turned out to be one of the dullest people he'd ever met. He knew perfectly well some guys wouldn't at all have minded being with a woman with a boring personality as long as she looked hot, but he wasn't that shallow. So he was stuck at a fancy party with a dud on his arm.

As if this weren't bad enough, everyone else at the party seemed to know eachother except him, and usually he could get a conversation going at a party even if he didn't already know anybody, but not this time. "Whatever happened to the idea of going to a party to meet new people??" he thought. "Am I the only person who still does that?"

To add insult to injury, the food was awful and the music was not to his taste at all, and Jane ditched him to go off with a couple of friends of hers. The only good point was he got a few free drinks out of it. He got completely fed up and went home.

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