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Chapter 5

Cameron stared at Wilson. "I heard about what happened in the cafeteria Friday. I told you that was a bad idea."

Wilson pouted. "It would have worked if you'd done it."

"I have three very good reasons for not doing it. First, I don't want to get involved in some weird pissing contest between you and Walpole because you're jealous about House hanging out with him all the time, second, I may have my issues with some men but I'm not a cocktease, I do not flirt with guys I'm not sexually interested in!"

"What's the third reason?"

"I didn't want to have to tell you this, but if you wanted someone to try to sexually distract Walpole you should have talked to Chase or Foreman or some other guy. Walpole's gay."


"You really didn't know." Cameron spoke as if this were a statement and a question simultaneously.

The idea of House and Walpole having sex jumped into Wilson's imagination and for some reason he felt a split second of rage, which startled him so much he didn't really notice Cameron saying she had work to do and he only half noticed her leaving.

"Why would that make me so damn mad?" he thought to himself. "I'm not homophobic."

Then it came over him like a thunderclap.

"My god," he mused to himself. "I'm in love with House."

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