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Chapter 6

Cuddy was in her office talking to Chase and Foreman when Wilson burst in. "Does anybody know where House is?"

Cuddy replied, "Yes, a little while ago I saw him and Walpole get in his car, they're going to Newark Airport."

Wilson looked panicked and ran out of the office.

Foreman stared. "What's he getting all worked up about, House is just taking Walpole to go catch his plane back to England, isn't he?"

Chase shrugged. "Maybe he thinks House is going to go move to England with him?"

Cuddy snickered derisively. "Like House would really do that."

Wilson parked his car and ran into the airport. It had occurred to him that he had no idea where to start looking for House, Newark was a big international airport and there must be lots of flights to England on any given day, on top of that there were a lot of restricted areas and security people around of course. He slowed down slightly and looked around as he made his way towards the international flights section of the airport.

By an immense stroke of luck he happened to see House at one of the airport cafes, and he didn't see any sign of Walpole. House was sitting at a small table with an empty coffee cup in front of him, eating a pink cherry-frosted donut with sprinkles and looking sort of bored.

"Wilson, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, good, the plane didn't leave yet! House, don't go!"

"The plane already left, don't go where? Wilson, what the holy mad moley are you yapping on about? I'm not going anywhere except maybe back to the hospital."

Wilson laughed with relief. "Oh, thank God!" He paused, panting.

"Wait, did you think I was going to go running off into the sunset with Walpole? For fuck's sake, Wilson, you are so paranoid, why would you be worried about that?"

Wilson sat down at the same table and said just above a whisper, "House, I love you," and then kissed him on the lips, tasting sugar and cherry flavoring. "Um, you've got sprinkles in your stubble." He kissed him again.

House"s thought process was, "What the hell, Wilson is kissing me?"
then: "This feels good."
then: "I think we should find some place with more privacy and go fuck like bunnies."

the end

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    Nothing much going on here today, looking forward to a live online Rifftrax tomorrow!

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