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The brony thing i went to last night was kind of weird, the host never showed up. we were just sort of left to our own devices, luckily the other people in the place we were were very understanding and let us hang out, we wound up watching a bunch of cartoons (ponies, venture bros. and some weird thing I'd never seen before) on the computers and drinking beer or soda and eating Doritos and talking. Good group of people though, they were pretty interesting, I'd met a couple of them before but some of them I'd never met and we had fun. there was extra soda so I brought some home to my roomie as it was two kinds he likes, Sprite and strawberry.
my parents are probably on a plane to Calif. as I'm writing this, I'll call them on their cell this evening to see how my sister is doing.

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    They're apparently not allowed to say who it is but one of my neighbors has covid.

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