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HOUSE ORGY FIC NC-17 NC-17 NC-17 NC-17 NC-17

....the circle by blowing House while Wilson went down on her; we all wound up in an ecstatic tongue bath.
After we had all climaxed from doing this several times, we slowly got out of position and snuggled together for a minute or two, then House took the opportunity to start blowing Wilson.
"House, you're crazy!" said Wilson, half yelping, half laughing.
House lifted his head. "You complaining?"
"Hell no...."
"Fine, then let me finish--whoa, apparently I'm not the only opportunistic sex maniac here!" This last was addressed to me because I had chosen that moment to do a rather special tongue move around House's foreskin. I wound up sucking him for a long time; judging from the moans I heard coming from House and Wilson I guessed they were enjoying themselves.
I was kind of taken aback when House pulled out of my mouth without coming. "What are you stopping for, I thought you liked the way I give head!"
"I love it! I just feel like fucking Cuddy right now. Go fuck Wilson; it's OK."
"Please, I need it bad," Wilson sighed. "Get on top, I love it that way."
I straddled him and lowered myself onto his shaft until he was deep all the way inside me, then i started rocking back and forth. It felt fantastic. He closed his eyes and groaned blissfully, caressing me and writhing a little and I came very quickly. I glanced over and saw Cuddy and House entwined in a very passionate doggie style love making session but I was coming too intensely to pay a lot of attention to them. I looked down and saw Wilson scrunch his face in ecstasy, gasping and clenching his teeth as he came.
Cuddy whispered, "Nearly there," and then whimpered feverishly in climax. House threw his head back in a yell of orgasm, then pulled out, gently kissing the back of her neck.
"Oh, that was amazing!" I said. Wilson hugged me.
House lightly tickled Cuddy's ass. "Very nice."
"Thank you," she replied, sounding gracious, of all things.
Wilson murmured in my ear, "It OK if House and I fuck and then we'll switch off with you girls?"
"Sure, Wilson, I wanna take a bit of a breather and watch you boys anyway." I grinned. "I like gay male porn any old time, and you guys are just as cute as those dudes!"
Wilson said, "You're wild."
House began putting on a condom, looked at me, and smiled widely. "Well, thank you! What a nice thing to say!" He applied a large sloppy dollop of lube to his hand and started gently rubbing it into Wilson's ass while stroking and massaging him tenderly all over with his other hand.
Wilson's breath became ragged and he sank to his knees in slow motion as House placed light delicate little kisses on his shoulders and back. "Beautiful," House whispered, easing his large uncut cock gradually, gently into Wilson, who shivered and moaned with pleasure, arching his back so House could go deep.
I was getting really turned on just watching this and was startled to hear Cameron next to me, saying, "That doesn't bother you?"
"What? Why would it bother me? They're hot and they're obviously having a good time, not just going through the motions the way some people in porns do."
"You wouldn't rather have him to yourself?"
"What exactly are you doing here?"
"Chase fell asleep. You didn't answer my question."
"I don't expect monogamy from very many people. I have a saying; nobody can be all things sexually to another person. It may not be as catchy as 'everybody lies', but it's true. Gotta accept people the way they are."
"Some people can be monogamous, you know."
"If they choose to, sure, but even the most monogamous person sometimes has fantasies about someone else. Now, shush, I wanna watch them."
The total rapture on both their faces, their sensual male bodies, I was so aroused watching them that I couldn't help it, I started masturbating. After they both came....

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