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Had a wonderful time last night at dinner, my lasagna went over particularly well and it was so nice to see my friends.

I think I will do that meme where you write the first line of twenty-one of your fics.

1. Wilson was pissed.
2. It was a snowy Monday night in mid-December in Chicago and Allison Cameron had just settled down in her living room with her two best friends from Northwestern Memorial, Qabir and Patrick, when an insistent rapping sounded on her door.
3. Allison Cameron was on her way to work on July the third. It was her birthday, and maybe she'd have a coffee with those nice EMT guys, Tim and Qabir, after they went off shift, if they weren't too tired, but you can't just skip work because it's your birthday if you're a doctor, especially if you work in the ER.
4. "I won't tell, Wilson. I'll never tell anyone if that's what you want."
5. I've been lying here wide awake for I don't know how long.
6. Wilson felt a pair of hands suddenly shoving his back.
7. I thought the craziest thing I ever saw in a hotel would be in Vegas, not fucking New Jersey, but here I am walking down the hall and in the opposite direction I saw this couple wearing bathrobes and the woman was covered in stage blood and giggling like a loon.
8. I've been in this shithole for two weeks.
9. The doorbell rang and an old man in a wheelchair answered it, seeing a slender teenage girl with long straight brown hair and a quirky expression.
10. Note to myself: NEVER take House to the hospital picnic again.
11. "Morgan? It's me, Gabriella. There's been a car accident but I think I'm OK, just a few bruises. I went to the hospital just to be sure. A garbage truck hit my car and totalled it, the garbage man's dead. Don't try to call me back on my cell, it got busted in the wreck. This nice lady named Amber let me use her cell phone. Come and pick me up at Princeton Plainsboro, all right? See you when you get here, sweetheart--" BEEEEEP
12. "I can't believe you talked me into this."
13. House's large, gentle hands curved around the swell of Cuddy's breasts as he nuzzled and kissed the side of her neck, smelling her Chanel and nudging her towards the bed.
14. Wh-what?
15. "Am I interrupting anything here?"
16. "See, I told you, Wilson, the Blue Meanie does not disappoint."
17. I've found you can get into some pretty interesting places by just acting as if you belonged there, which is how I managed to be wandering around while the set up was going on for a Band From TV concert which was going to be starting later that day.
18. "House?"
19. It was April the 25th.
20. "I've been working with him for years; he's not racist, he's just a jackass."
21. Dr. House?

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