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I almost got run over last night by some yuppie bitch, driving a Mercedes of course. I was crossing with the light, the rich trash didn't care, wasn't even looking. If people are going to be rich and stupid they should at least be nice like Bertie Wooster. I am going to post something to cheer myself up now, a meme of ten people on LJ who make my day. If you are listed here, please do this meme yourself if you want to. P.S. please don't feel bad if I did not list you, I'm supposed to limit it to ten but there are many more people on LJ whom I really like a lot.
1. adroid_mortox247
2. endgegner07
3. kick_back_80s
4. arhh
5. barbaroshima
6. michchick2
7. ayalanetzer
8. emilielove
9. lz1982
10. bittereternity

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