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Very wild stuff happening this past Friday and Saturday. I had to go to the dentist Friday morning and there were two crazy old ladies at the bus stop screaming at eachother, I had to listen to this for almost an hour. i knew they were crazy when I first saw them (before they started screaming) because it was extremely hot out and they were both wearing very heavy coats. I had just bought batteries for my trusty portable tunes and they turned out to be defective because they died about fifteen minutes after I put them in. :( Then, on the bus on the way back from the dentist, another crazy old fart gets on and even though the bus is less than half full, lots of empty seats, he refused to sit down in any of them and won't go behind the yellow line at the front of
the bus aisle like he's supposed to, then he and the bus driver got into this HUGE fight. then he starts making racist comments at the bus driver, who's a Black dude, and I was all like, fuck this, i just got off of the bus and waited for the next one. (The bus driver would have been within his rights to either kick the old fart off or call the cops on him but he did neither for reasons i can't even guess at.)
Then after i got home I went to the Safeway to exchange the bad batteries. I saw a guy with a parrot on the way to the Safeway, a little African grey parrot.
The Safeway guy was extremely nice about the battery business, I got some duracells instead with no hassle. (Don't buy safeway store brand batteries, guys. Some store brand things are fine but those batteries suck.)
That evening I got a surprise invitation to the local science museum/planetarium from a good friend, which was a nice relaxing change of pace. That sort of thing has a way of making me feel as if my life is more in balance, if that makes any sense, order of the universe and all that. I looked at Jupiter and Saturn and a double star through the telescopes. My friend and I also saw a skunk rustling around in the bushes outside the planetarium.
Saturday me and some bronies went to see Avenue Q, it was hilarious! and it only cost $8, cheaper than going to the movies! Before that we hung out at the mall and after the show we went to In and Out burgers and since it was late at night one of the guys gave most of us a ride home in his car (late night public transit around here is not what it ought to be). Those guys are all super super nice and funny and I really like hanging out with them. Also, on the way over, the bus was free and I found an old bart ticket someone dropped and it still had $ on it so I got to go into SF for half price! :)

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