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Had a nice lunch yesterday with my parents, we went to this cool Italian place down the street from where i live that specializes in making their own smoked meat and my mom and I saw them carrying (WARNING: IF YOU ARE A VEGETARIAN YOU MIGHT WANT TO SKIP A BIT HERE) a whole big pig in a plastic bag with the little back feet sticking up into the back. I had a yummers roast pork panini with this great sauce on it and a glass of white wine and some honey vanilla gelato.
My dad gave me some $$$ to buy new pants and i went to Avenue to get tan khaki pants which fit great and weren't too expensive either. Then I went to this other store 2 towns over where I used to always buy my jeans only to find out they really jacked up their prices. It took me hours to get there because i had to take 3 buses and some of them were very slow. i was pissed. So now I have to go back to Avenue today and get jeans.

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    Nothing much going on here today, looking forward to a live online Rifftrax tomorrow!

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