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Had a couple of cups of Scots Breakfast tea earlier so I'm kind of bouncing off the walls now, also looking forward to having a friend come over tonight.
I had a completely crazy assed dream last night involving my favorite animated movie of all time, Yellow Submarine and my fave current cartoon, My Little Pony. Apparently, Pepperland and the ponies share a border. If anybody reading this remembers those creepy clowns the blue meanies had that would blow stuff up if you squeaked their nose, one of those clowns got loose and was causing problems for the ponies, especially Pinkie, who was trying to make desserts and the clown kept coming over and ruining them. I was in the dream and I went to go get the Beatles to take care of this, and Paul said he was too tired but John was all "sure, I'll help you". In the original movie, Yellow Submarine, the blue meanies are defeated by music so me, John and Pinkie try singing to this clown but that didn't work. This was obviously taking place some time after the movie, when the blue meanies wind up making peace with the Pepperlanders, so they're okay guys now, and we asked them what to do about the clown but they don't know. I got so fed up I kicked the clown in the balls and it exploded but this caused me to get a big hole blown in my foot so John and Pinkie had to take me to the hospital (the ponies were about the size of real horses in my dream so it was fairly easy for Pinkie to let me and John ride on her) and I passed out before I got to the hospital and then I woke up.

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