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Weird day today. My best friend and i had lunch with my parents and some friends of the family are getting married tomorrow and as of this writing I still don't know what time the wedding is supposed to start because it conflicts with some football game on TV. I would think someone's wedding would be more important to them than a football game but sports people baffle the shit out of me. Anyway I had a very nice time with my parents and a super lunch. I'm a sucker for fresh seafood. I'm looking forward to the wedding too. I really like these people who are getting married and I haven't seen them in almost a year (because they live in Texas and I live in Calif) and my best friend has never met them or some of my relatives who will also be there. Had an interesting conversation with my dad regarding Hugh, he has never seen him in anything other than House and my dad was the one who introduced me to the Jeeves and Bertie Wooster books many many years ago, so I was all like, "No, that's how good an actor he is, he was a great Bertie!" and my dad was really intrigued.

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