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here's a meme I got from turnerwolf:

1. A selection of television programs you do not care for.
Doctor Who (which I used to like but it's gotten so lame it's like MST fodder now), How I Met Your Mother, Futurama, any reality show, Seinfeld, Community, actually most TV shows don't do it for me

2. A selection of musical artists you do not care for.
Any rap artist, Gaga, Justin Bieber, Madonna (is she still recording?), Whitney Houston, Barry Manilow, most new bands

3. A selection of celebrities you couldn’t care less about.
Anyone who's a celebrity just because they're on a reality show, any scientologist, Mel Gibson, Keanu Reeves, Richard Burton, Jim Carrey, Cher, Kevin Costner, Hugh Grant, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Will Smith, his spoiled kid, Ben Stiller, Sandra Bullock, Dennis Leary, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Johnson, Pamela Lee or anybody else who can't act and has big fake tits, Jerry Lewis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlie Sheen

4. A hobby you “don’t get”.
Video games

5. A habit you find disgusting.
Cigarettes, I hate the smell. Some of my friends smoke and I never hassle them over it but I will step outside my place and talk to them if they are visiting me and want to smoke and I would NEVER harass someone for smoking in the street or their own place or whatever.

6. Something in school you really liked doing that everyone else bitched over.
creative writing assignments.

7. Your favorite household chore.
Cooking and grocery shopping. I'm a foodie.

8. Popular video games that make you go “meh”.
Just about all of them.

9. PC or MAC?
I don't care.

10. A sport you don’t like, for whatever reason.
Any of them. Sports really bore me.

11. A sport you really like, for whatever reason.

12. Television programs you love but have gotten shit for liking.
House, ponies

13. Musical artists you love but have gotten shit for liking.
the Beatles, classic rock in general

14. A hobby you have/find interesting that other people bother you over/make fun of.
Writing fan fiction

15. A habit you have that other people bug you over.

16. Something in school you hating doing and it felt like everyone else loved.
Everyone else yapping about the stupid prom.

17. The household chore that makes you want to shoot your own face off.
Most of them.

18. A selection of video games that you enjoy that perhaps you really shouldn’t.
see #4

19. A celebrity crush that maybe even you don’t understand.
I don't really have one that fits that description.

20. Free rant on whatever grinds your gears at the moment.
I need some help doing my Trader Joe grocery run and my roomie has not felt up to it for the past few days. Ever tried to get six or seven bigass bags of groceries on a bus by yourself?

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