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another meme i got from turnerwolf:

Is the weather to your liking today? I wish the sun were out, it's rather overcast right now and i want to go swimming.
IF you have a laptop, do you leave it plugged in while you're using it? I don't have one.
Favorite way to "party", or get high, if you do either, would be: weed
Who introduced you to the person you're currently in the same room as? I am currently in my living room, alone. Roomie is sleeping in the bedroom.
Have you ever fallen asleep with a cigarette burning/candle burning/stove on? no
What do you tend to dream negatively about, the most? my mean ex
If you're having a bad hair day, do you wear a cap of some sort? sometimes
Favorite television character is played by which actor/actress, and why are they your favorite? House played by Hugh Laurie. I have gone on at length in this journal about why I love him, at least the way the character was written before he turned into a total psycho.
How often are you angry for no reason? Seldom.
Does being in deep water make you nervous? no, i swim well.
Is there anyone currently in your life that's hurting you or pissing you off? No.
What's the most serious crime you've ever committed? smoking weed
Do you use a letter opener when you open your mail? no
How close are you, emotionally, to the last person you left a comment for? casually friendly
Do you leave your PC on 24/7? no
What do your parents think of your lifestyle choices? I don't have a lifestyle, i have a life. That being said I wish they would shut up about my being overweight.
Would you trade houses with your neighbor(s), if you could? no
Are there any stains on a favorite item of clothing that you just can't get out? yes
If you smoke weed, how do you smoke it (bong, joint, bowl): any way
What's your thoughts on people who have children with more than one father? Not my place to judge.
How many second-hand items are in the room with you right now? lots and lots of books, some of my furniture, some of my CDs, some of my DVDs
Do you smoke cigarettes? If so, is there anyone you WON'T smoke around? I don't smoke cigarettes
What's the last thing you plugged in to charge? Roomie usually does that.
Do your grandparents have a cell phone/computer? They've been dead for forty years.
What's your favorite daily activity? Messing around on the computer although I don't always do that every day.
Who or what, is something you complain about constantly? Hypocrisy and not having a car and being considered a big freak because I don't want any damn kids.
Do you like meatball sandwiches? Which place makes the best kind? yes. Yellow Submarine in San Francisco and Ike's in Oakland and SF.
PS2 or X-Box? I don't play video games.
Do you still have the same e-mail address as you did when you first started using e-mail? yes
How do you know the last person you added to your friends' list? started reading her LJ because she and I were on the same member list for this one group
Are you emotionally stable? sometimes
Who has the biggest score to settle with you, or dislikes you the most? the inbred little shits i was forced to go to school with.
What type of people do you best relate to? androgynous, arty and/or nonconformist
Have you ever had to go to the hospital because of a panic attack? no
Do you ever eat supper foods for breakfast? Such as? the occasional cold pizza or leftover Chinese food
Do you think mullets are stupid looking? depends
How old were you when you discovered the truth about babies? (Where they come from): Don't remember how old i was, I was a really little kid
Have you gone "green" with anything recently? I use detergents and cleansers that are supposed to be environmentally friendly
Have you ever had lice? no
Favorite Discovery Channel show? I don't watch it
Do you plow, snow-blow, or shovel your snow in the winter? It doesn't snow where i live.
Who's your favorite captain on "Deadliest Catch"? Don't watch that.
Do you like crab legs? yes!
How far from your hometown do you now live? I thought your hometown was where you live?
Ever seen a live whale? yes, in a tank
What's the last "reality check" you had? reading some youtube comment that made no fucking sense and wondering what the person who wrote it was high on
Most disgusting thing to put cheese on, in your opinion: sushi
Biggest fish you've ever caught? I don't fish.
Finish this with whatever you want to say......: I wanna go to get a fuckton of groceries at Trader Joe, dammit!

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