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My friends are awesome but some of them are really disorganized. Yesterday I got invited to go hang out with some of them kind of spur of the moment at Super Duper, this relatively new burger joint, so I go over there and they're not there. Now Super Duper is a small chain and I went to the one at the address they said, but after hanging out there for quite some time and not seeing anybody I recognized, I have a burger and a Coke and then I leave, figuring i went to the wrong one. I spend forty-five minutes standing at a bus stop (and I'm overweight so standing around for a long time makes my feet hurt and I hate bus stops with no seats with the burning passion of 1000 suns) but it's across the street from the burger place so I'm watching to see if anyone I know goes in. They don't. The other location of Super Duper is in a totally different neighborhood and the bus is slow so I don't get there till about an hour later. I'm on the verge of just walking out and going home when they show up. I did have a nice time hanging out with them in the end but that was just ridiculous.

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