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Ideomotor Effect

(happy birthday, Hughville!)

Chapter 1

Allison Cameron was just getting ready to leave her shift at Northwestern Memorial and was walking out of her office when she looked up and gave a little gasp to see House and Wilson staring at her, Wilson smiling a little shyly and waving and House grinning and looking pleased with himself.

"Why are you so surprised? Didn't you get the letter?" Wilson asked.

"What letter?" Cameron replied, giving House the fishy eye.

"House!" Wilson yelped. "You told me you wrote her and let her know we wanted to come visit!" House responded to this with a mock innocent doggie eyes look and a whistle. "oh for crying out loud!"

"Well, as it just so happens, you guys don't even have to pay for a hotel, I recently got put in charge of the whole ER department so I got a big raise and I'm not in that apartment you--" here she pointed to House, "--visited me in last Christmas, I finally bought my own house!"

"You bought a substitute me?"

Wilson looked frustrated briefly, then smiled and hugged Cameron. "Congratulations, that's great!"

Cameron hugged him back, "You're the one with the great news, House told me you beat cancer! Let's all go out and celebrate."

They were on their way to a restaurant when Cameron grabbed a copy of the paper to check the local news, looked through it and the smile dropped from her face. She showed House and Wilson the headline.


"One of those people was in my ER last Friday, he was a tourist and somebody stabbed him in the bathroom at O'Hare; he didn't get a good look at them and died before we could save him or get any information from him. As if this weren't enough, some crazy woman named Anna something or other has been going around wasting the police's time claiming to be a psychic and saying that she knows something about these murders."


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