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Ideomotor Effect

Chapter 3

"It's a reference to the Beatles song, 'Lady Madonna'," House said his expression grim. " 'Friday night arrives without a suitcase, Sunday morning creeping like a nun, Monday's child has learned to tie his bootlace, see how they run,'. I read in the paper that Phillip Dalca's body was taken to the morgue at Rush University Medical Center, that's why I excused myself to make that phone call before we had dinner. I happen to know Eleanor Vemulakonda, who was one of the main coroners at Rush, and she did the autopsy and told me that it looked as if Phillip Dalca had been tortured for several hours before he died, which was not the case with the other victims. The line in the next verse of that song is 'Tuesday afternoon is never ending'."

"You remembered this woman well enough to trust her judgement," Wilson half stated, half asked.

"How many female Indian coroners in wheelchairs who play the saxophone do you know?" replied House, raising one eyebrow.

Cameron shuddered. "It's nasty to think this person is wandering around somewhere. I'm glad this place has a good alarm system."

"And they don't know who we are or anything," added Wilson.

"I'm not sleepy, Wilson and I are still on California time, but I could use--" House leaned into the bathroom doorway, "--hey, Cameron, there's only a shower stall in this bathroom!"

"The other bathroom has a big tub but it's upstairs."

"This place discriminates against cripples!"

Wilson sighed. "Here, I'll help you up the stairs."

Cameron said, "The spare bedroom is two doors down from the upstairs bathroom on the right. I have a rather early shift tomorrow so I'll probably go to bed relatively soon."

House's bare feet padded carefully over the blue stone tiles as he finished getting undressed and slipped into the large, bright orange clawfoot bathtub, turning on the water and adjusting the temperature. He had thought Wilson was in the spare bedroom till he heard a gentle tap on the door and saw him poke his head around the edge, smiling boyishly.

"Want me to scrub your back?"

House eyed him lecherously. "You can start with my back. Get in here."

A lot of splashing, giggling and moaning was cut short by Cameron's voice saying, "Guys!"

"Oh shit!" yelped House.

"Uhh, are we keeping you awake?" asked Wilson. "Are you tired?"

"Not that tired, I was wondering if I could join you," Cameron purred. House and Wilson both assented very enthusiastically.


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