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Ideomotor Effect

Chapter 5

Wilson had decided not to accompany House when the police escorted him to the crime scene. He took a look around the kitchen, which had blood spattered on the counters and one area which was marked in chocolate, with the tell tale "see how they run" written in smeared fudge next to the same fudge with a bite taken out of it. House sniffed the blood. "Dalca couldn't have been the one eating this fudge. His blood smells vaguely sweet, he had diabetes. Fudge, like taffy and the firmer kinds of caramel, takes a perfect impression of the teeth."

One of the cops got a call. "Damn, there's been another murder."

"Who is it this time?" House asked.

"Anna Gouveia. They think they know who killed her though. They're trying to find him now. Her boyfriend. Nasty piece of work, that guy. He liked to smack her around. Name's George Chang."

House looked alarmed. "Did you say George Chang?!" He grabbed his own cell phone out of his pocket. "I gotta call Wilson right now!"


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