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Ideomotor Effect

Chapter 7

House drove to Rush and parked in the lot outside the coroner's lab. It was strangely quiet. Not only was the parking lot almost empty but there didn't seem to be anybody in or near the building, at least he couldn't see or hear anyone. He got out of the car and started to walk towards the building, wondering where Wilson was.

His leg was acting up a little worse than usual, forcing him to move slowly, and when he finally heard it, he was so close to the building he was almost bumping into the wall. The very faint whisper made a chill run up his spine.


He looked down into a cement stairwell leading to a basement door and gave a little gasp. The whisper had come from Wilson, who was half standing, half leaning in the stairwell, his brown eyes filled with fear as he struggled in a hostage grab with George Chang holding a large knife to his throat.


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    Spent most of today watching MST3K and CSI New York and listening to music and reading.

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    I tried out a streaming service last night that didn't work at all well, I watched one show on it that cut out at the last fifteen minutes or so and…

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    Just finished watching Mulholland Drive. David Lynch is so weird.

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