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Ideomotor Effect

Chapter 8

House was fighting an incredible urge to scream with rage, and he managed to keep his voice calm, almost icy. "Let Wilson go."

"Why should I?"

"If you hurt him, I'll kill you."

"You are not exactly in a position to make threats."

A single bullet shot from the other end of the stairwell and Chang dropped the knife and clutched his suddenly bleeding arm. Wilson ran half stumbling to House and they hugged, not giving a shit who saw them. About twenty cops ran up, swarming into the stairwell like bugs and yelling at Chang, "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! DO NOT TOUCH THE KNIFE!" and handcuffing him.

House and Wilson looked over to the other end of the stairwell where the gunshot had come from. Both men were trembling and sweating with raw emotion, and a slow smile spread over House's face.

"Nice shooting, Cameron."

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