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I was sick as hell last night but I'm feeling a lot better now. I think I'll write a couple of food reviews. As an ex-New Yorker, I'm a bit spoiled in the department of deli food. I live in the SF (San Francisco,not Stephen Fry, haha ) bay area which has tons of great restaurants but really good Jewish deli food is hard to come by. One place that does have it is Saul's at  1475 Shattuck in Berkeley. Their matzo ball soup is particularly good, the chicken stock tastes homemade, not like it came out of a can or a cube. Their potato salad is classic, and all their sandwich meats are really tasty. The pastrami, tongue, roast beef and corned beef are standouts. The menu also has terrific latkes and some middle eastern appetizers like hummus and baba ganoush (which not everyone might necessarily think of as deli food but they're a good foil for it.)
    Love At First Bite is a bakery in Walnut Square, a mini mall one block down from Saul's (1510 Walnut) and they make some of the best cupcakes I've had in a long time. They do a few cookies and other things, but cupcakes are really their specialty. They have a lot of flavors I like, including coconut, pumpkin and hummingbird (a traditional Southern cake flavor that's a blend of banana and pineapple). My only beef with them is their carrot cupcake has pineapple in it. I like pineapple with some things but not in carrot cake. (And whoever thought of putting pineapple on pizza was ill.) Their strawberry cupcake tastes like it was made with real strawberries, in fact NOTHING there seems to have been made with artificial flavorings of any kind, the chocolate is excellent, and anyone who thinks vanilla is a boring flavor would change their tune after having one of the vanilla cupcakes. The icing is wonderfully rich and buttery on all the flavors.

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    J cancelled on me.

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    Been watching lots of Father Ted, that show is so funny! FECK!

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    It was locked again and then it was unlocked again. My mail wasn't missing so I think the mail people are just fuckups.

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