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Just about a perfect day yesterday. I didn't sleep well night before last for some unknown reason but was absolutely determined not to miss the party, so i got up early and went out to Peet's to get a cup of Lapsang Souchong and a local bakery to get some muffins for my brekkie for a few days and cookies for me and roomie and Trader Joe's for a steak for me for the party (the guys' whose house it's at have this great barbecue grill) and juice for roomie. I didn't have change for the bus to get there and, amazingly, the bus driver actually let me ride for free. Made it back in plenty of time, hung out for a while till my friend came to pick me up and take me to the party. Wonderful food, lots of friendly fun people, great conversation, professional massage, hot tub, they have a better pool than mine but I'm not envious, I'm happy for them, gorgeous garden, perfect weather and my cake went over well. I got to stay a good long time, definitely made a few new friends and it looks like we'll be going out for drinks and pizza sometime hopefully really soon. Came home to a nice welcome from roomie, he and I split the rest of the cake and I watched a couple of good House eppies while having chocolate Kahlua cake and a cup of herbal tea, then a lovely refreshing sleep.

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