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I will be so glad to get over to my parents' house, I screwed up, I thought i was going on Friday for some reason, I'm not going till Monday. There's a Pony premiere party at my friend's house Saturday but so many people are going I have to be put on a waiting list now. I didn't realized I had screwed up about the date I was leaving till day before yesterday and then I could not get at the computer till this morning. Plus I'm very low on money. i don't have to worry about money once I get to my parents' but now I have to make what little I have last longer.
One plus, yesterday I made muffins and didn't mess them up! Every time before I have tried to make muffins or cupcakes i wound up ripping the shit out of them because I could not get them out of the pan. This time I sprayed Pam in the pan, put the paper thingies in, sprayed more Pam in the paper thingies and waited for them to cool off before trying to take them out of the pan once they were done baking.

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