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had an interesting weekend, got a lot done. I had a really weird funny Jeeves and Wooster dream night before last, part of which involved my having to explain to Bertie what the word "bisexual" meant (he had it confused with hermaphroditism). I must have been giving off unusually good vibes or something yesterday because not only was almost everyone I met extremely friendly but people I didn't even know kept giving me things (food, books, etc.) I went to the Castro St. fair today and it was a lot of fun but one really bizarre thing happened; I did something I've never done before in my life. There was this guy there who I had thought was gay but apparently he was really bi because he started playing with my tit and I didn't even know him but i just let him do it anyway. I normally NEVER let anyone I don't know do that. Am I desperate or just lightening up?

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