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I've been having the usual issues over my appearance lately. fuck. it's mini review time! Cha Cha Cha 1801 Haight St. SF. The best way to approach this place is to go in a good sized group and have everybody order something different. the menu says "tapas" but the servings are a lot bigger than tapas usually are, and it's sort of a mishmosh of dishes from several different Caribbean and Latin American cultures. there is always a party atmosphere there and a lot of the dishes are standouts, especially the fried calamari, the Cajun shrimp, the baked mussels (anything with seafood, really) the plantains, the jerk chicken, the mushrooms and the coconut flan. my only quibble with the place is the bar is limited to beer, wine and sangria and it may be a bit Pavlovian but I always want a banana daiquiri or something like that when I'm in there.

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