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Did way too much walking around yesterday, no sooner do I make a promise to myself to go for walks every day and now my resolve is tested today. My feet and legs really hurt. I went to the dentist, all i needed was a cleaning but they stuck me with an early AM appointment time and the bus was really slow plus I got almost no sleep night before last and no time to make breakfast. Picked up lunch from Jack in the crack on the way home. Found out they shrunk their damn shakes to about half the size they were. My dentist's office is right near my roomie's old house and this little mom and pop grocery store that he used to shop at all the time so I figured I'd pick up stuff for dinner there. Turns out they must be going out of business because I couldn't find hardly any of what I needed, the meat and dairy depts were particularly tapped out. Then I had to do a juggling act on the dumb bus on the way home. Thankfully, I didn't have to cook dinner because a friend did, which I really enjoyed. I did have to go out to another store later that day though.

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