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It's mini review time! Memphis Minnie's 576 Haight St., SF This is the closest you're going to get to an old school BBQ joint in California. The pulled pork is fantastic, so is the beef brisket, the chicken, the hot links and the ribs (both beef and pork). There are large bottles of all three house BBQ sauces on the table so you can put a little on or drown your BBQ in sauce, whatever your preference is. My personal fave of the three distinctive sauces is the Texas red. Barbecue sauce, like chili or Bloody Marys, has so many different recipes that it's very much a matter of individual tastes. The sides are very good, including a mac and cheese that bears no resemblance to the stuff in boxes in the grocery store, fries, and a coleslaw that a lot of people love. The desserts are good too, especially the pecan pie and banana pudding. The drink menu includes sodas, sweet ice tea (very Southern), beer and oddly enough, sake (which I know sounds weird but it actually goes good with BBQ). The counter guys are friendly and the decor is fun (lotsa pictures of pigs and t shirts from BBQ joints from all over) and the music kicks ass, cool old blues, classic soul, Johnny Cash and bluegrass.

here's another meme I saw:
send me a message supposedly from a fictional character in a fandom from a list of characters. (the snag in this is a lot of my fandoms have characters I'd never want to actually hear from, e.g., Beavis and Butthead, Borat, Fawlty Towers, Quentin Tarantino, South Park, Trailer Park Boys, and a lot of my fandoms involve people who aren't fictional, e.g. the Beatles, Oscar Wilde) so here's my list (and I restrained myself by only putting two Hugh characters on the list and they're the two with the least in common)

1. House
2. Wilson
3. Bertie Wooster
4. Stephen Colbert (the character, not the actual guy)
5. Ziggy Stardust
6. Blackadder (the Renaissance, 18th century or World War One incarnation)
7. any Monty Python character
8. Hedwig
9. Capt. Picard
10. Frank N. Furter
11. the Spinal Tap guys

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