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Just finished watching the last few World War One Blackadders. That show is so funny but it ends on such a sad note, it makes the switch from comedy to drama so well! Unlike Melinda and Melinda, which I saw for the first time yesterday and didn't care for at all except for the performance of Chiwetel Eijofor, who has amazing screen presence. Will Ferrel is particularly unfunny in it.

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    Somebody banned me and I don't have the slightest idea why. I didn't even have an argument with this person.

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    I finally got the Monty Python book I've been looking for, I had a nice time hanging out at a bar I hadn't been to before (good drinks, good music,…

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    I went for the first long walk in months and it didn't fuck my leg up! YAYYYYYYYYYYY! Also while I was out I found out one of my favorite movie…

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